At Finios, we are dedicated to developing innovative applications that cater to diverse needs within the medical and molecular biology domains. Our commitment is reflected in the creation of distinct applications, each tailored to address specific requirements. Stop-Infection serves as a web-based tool designed for the medical field, focusing on infection risk assessment and clean air evaluation. Our second and third apps, AirLify and StoPify, are designed for environmental clean air evaluation and particle elimination, such as odor particles and/or infectious agents. They help set up conditions for unpleasant particle elimination. Whether you're a healthcare professional or someone without specialized training, these user-friendly platforms are crafted to assist in maintaining optimal environmental air conditions. Simultaneously, we've crafted wet lab applications, BioCaL and MoLSoL, to support bench scientists in their daily lab life, specifically tailored for molecular biology experiments. These apps streamline laboratory procedures, eliminating the need for manual calculations of DNA volumes in digestion, ligation, and assembly reactions, as well as reagents preparation, contributing to increased efficiency for scientists engaged in Molecular Biology research. Adding to our lineup, CodonQ is an app designed to support memorization of the codon table, catering to individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of genetic coding. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of optimizing transportation experiences, we have developed W8Bus, an application that predicts bus arrival times to enhance commuting experiences. At Finios, we believe in addressing everyday challenges to improve lives, whether in healthcare, scientific research, or daily lives.