At Finios, we are committed to developing innovative applications that span the medical, biochemical, and molecular biology domains. Our offerings include tools for infection control, environmental clean air evaluation, and lab efficiency, as well as educational aids. From Stop-Infection, AirLify, and StoPify, which focus on infection risk assessment and air quality, to BioCaL and MoLSoL, which streamline laboratory procedures for molecular biology, we provide comprehensive solutions for healthcare and scientific research. Additionally, AMROX enhances the understanding and management of antibiotic resistance, ODAlarm predicts bacterial cell culture harvesting time using initial OD readings, and CodonQ supports the memorization of the codon table for genetic research. At Finios, we address everyday challenges to improve lives, whether in healthcare or scientific research.

Apart from our main focus, we also developed W8Bus out of theoretical interest. This app predicts bus arrival times, helping commuters plan their journeys more efficiently.